Sean Wiggan

VP of Sales & Marketing

Software Sales Leader & Driven Entrepreneur

Born in Jamaica and raised in the vibrant community of Aurora, IL, Sean Wiggan is an accomplished leader in software sales, celebrated for his exceptional ability to expand territories, pioneer new account growth, and consistently exceed multimillion-dollar sales targets. Sean’s journey from the warm Caribbean shores to the heartland of Illinois has instilled in him a global perspective that fuels his professional drive.

Educationally, Sean is an alumnus of Eastern Illinois University, having earned an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a master’s in Technology. His athleticism shone through during his college years, where he competed as a D1 collegiate athlete in Track and Field, specializing in the 800m race.

His vast experience spans several sectors from automotive, aerospace, and medical to CPG, food & beverage. With core competencies in Professional and Managed Services, ERP, MES, Supply Chain Management, SaaS, and Industry 4.0, Sean is especially attuned to the needs of the Retail, Manufacturing, and Distribution sectors. Throughout his illustrious career, Sean has collaborated with 10+ Fortune 500 companies and onboarded over 100 clients for DR Software Services.

Beyond numbers, what truly sets Sean apart is his deep-seated commitment to customer satisfaction. As an adept presenter, skilled negotiator, and prolific closer, he excels in driving successful sales outcomes. Sean’s passion lies in helping clients design custom solutions for unique challenges, ensuring they get the best possible return on their investments.

Outside the boardroom, Sean is a caring individual with a zest for life. He enjoys golfing, skiing, dabbling in real estate, and mentoring the next generation. Sean is often found soaking up live music with friends at concerts or quoting Dale Carnegie: “You never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing.” His all-time favorite film? Legends of the Fall.

Future aspirations for this driven entrepreneur include expanding DR Software Services into a global powerhouse, acquiring a portfolio of over 100 properties, and pursuing an Executive MBA from a top-tier university.

In three words? Sean is a caring and driven entrepreneur. But to those who have had the privilege of working alongside him, he’s so much more.