Jason Kelly

VP of Operations

ERP Implementation Specialist and Operations Expert
Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence with 20 Years of IQMS Expertise

Jason Kelly is a seasoned IQMS Implementation Specialist with a remarkable 17-year track record of successfully implementing IQMS ERP software in various manufacturing companies. With a solid foundation as an established Operations Manager, Jason brings invaluable skills in Master Scheduling, Business Systems Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Quality, and Project Management to the table.

Expertise that Drives Success:
Jason’s career has been marked by excellence in a range of critical areas, including Operations Management, Solutioning/Architecting, Crystal Reports, SQL, and Training. His expertise extends to Finance, Standard Costing, and Quality Systems, making him a well-rounded professional capable of tackling complex challenges.

A Personal Journey:
Hailing from Lake Geneva, WI, Jason holds a BA in Music Education with a Business Minor. Beyond his impressive professional career, he’s a multi-faceted individual with a passion for diverse interests. Outside of work, he enjoys activities like Pickleball, Golf, and indulges his musical side through Karaoke, Concerts, and even Skiing/Snowboarding.

A Drive for Excellence:
In his own words, Jason’s professional mantra revolves around helping customers and sharing knowledge to make their ERP systems seamlessly integrate with their operations. He’s driven by the satisfaction of customers who benefit from his expertise and considers their gratitude as one of the most rewarding aspects of his work.

Future Aspirations:
Looking ahead, Jason aspires to reach a point in his career where he can semi-retire early while continuing to assist and guide customers towards operational excellence.

  • Personality: Patient, kind, yet driven.
  • Favorite Movie: Caddyshack
  • Favorite Quote/Phrase: One fowl swoop.

With his unwavering dedication and a diverse set of skills, Jason Kelly is a driving force in the world of IQMS ERP implementations, making manufacturing processes more efficient and effective.

This bio encapsulates Jason Kelly’s extensive experience and diverse interests while highlighting his dedication to helping customers achieve success in their ERP implementations.