DR Treat Gobblers

Overly-friendly welcoming chairman

Hachi – The Toy-Toting Husky:
Meet Hachi, our lovable Husky mix with a heart as big as her appetite for treats! She’s the official toy transporter in our office and can often be spotted parading around with her favorite playthings in her mouth. Hachi’s enthusiasm for toys is contagious, and you’ll always find her ready to engage in a game of fetch. Just don’t forget to reward her with treats – that’s the way to her heart!

Kai – The Squirrel Chaser and Snuggle Pro:
Kai is a bundle of energy and cuddles, all wrapped up in one adorable package. When he’s not diligently patrolling the backyard, hunting imaginary squirrels, you’ll often catch him snuggled up with anyone willing to share warmth and affection. This squirrel-chasing sensation is also a connoisseur of treats, and if you’re lucky, you might just convince him to trade his squirrel obsession for a tasty treat or two.