Ali Hockenberry

Strategist & Analyst

Digital Media Strategist & Advocate for Growth

Ali Hockenberry stands as a beacon in the world of digital media with over two decades of profound experience. Embarking on her journey in traditional media, Ali soon navigated the realms of digital media, establishing herself as an authoritative figure. A fervent enthusiast for data-driven strategy, she revels in the intricacies of analytics and holds a penchant for unearthing insights from solid data sets.

In her role, Ali has exhibited impeccable prowess in steering clients toward their digital marketing aspirations. Commanding budgets ranging from $5MM to $40MM, she’s showcased a consistent month-over-month growth rate exceeding 15%. Her skills span Media Planning, Optimization, Strategy, SEO, Marketing, and Sales Management. Always ahead of the curve, she seamlessly merges strategies across both digital and traditional platforms.

At the core of Ali’s approach lies her entrepreneurial spirit, geared towards innovating solutions to complex business challenges in a multifaceted media environment. Her extensive hands-on experience includes:

Overseeing comprehensive campaigns encompassing digital, search, and social media dynamics.

Directing a Platform Solutions team, managing enterprise-level budgets and ensuring all performance indicators are met.

Implementing QA processes, fostering best practices, and daily engagement with advanced tools like Datorama.

A graduate of St. Mary’s, Ali’s commitment transcends her professional life. While pursuing her education, she served with distinction in the US Navy. In her downtime, she’s drawn to the serenity of the outdoors, often seen kayaking with her canine companion. Her heart resonates with compassion, evident from her long-standing volunteer work as a foster for numerous animal rescues.

Ali lives and breathes the wisdom encapsulated in her favorite quote by Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.”